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Fabric issues on jeans

Hey! We've received a customer complaint for a jeans she's worn for some a few months. See the picture. Do you have any idea what happened here? We're not really sure, but of course it doesn't look nice. The customer h…

1 answers

Pilling standard for flat knit fabric

We discovered some pilling issues on a sample of a flat knit sweater for men. Made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester 12gg yarn. The factory sent a sample to a testing company, to get independent test results…

1 answers

Heavy shrinkage on men's t-shirts

Hello! We've been getting multiple customer complaints that our new delivery of white men's t-shirts is shrinking very much. Actually it is re-order of previous production, so it should be the same fabric, but there were …

1 answers

Holes in side seam ribbed t-shirts

We're receiving a lot of customer complaints for a t-shirt on a 5x2 ribbed fabric. Customers are complaining that there are holes around the side seam. Sometimes without wearing the product or latest after the first wash. …

1 answers

Thick itchy seam in men's boxershorts

Hey! We have developed boxershorts for men. The seam in-between the legs, that connects the front and the back part of the boxershorts is very thick. The seam is much thicker (about double) from our original sample. Th…

1 answers

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