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Our multidisciplinary team of experts covers every area of fashion production. Together we have close to 100 years of experience within the fashion industry. Working both for brands and on the factory floor.

If you need extra expertise, that is not available within your own team: we're happy to help!

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Our services include:

Product development

From product idea, to finding the right factory. And from fitting the first samples to closing a good price. We've done it all. Many times. And we're happy to help you out!

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Where to start with the fashion industry's hottest topic? Customers demand sustainability, transparency and also low prices. All the sustainability certifications out there are a maze to navigate.

We help you on an individual basis. We have a lot of experience with GOTS, organic cotton and GRS (recycled polyester). We've optimized our own production to increase sustainability. And we've built our own fashion brand around sustainability.

We can advise you how and where to start. Without overloading your supply chain. Or spending your time and money on useless initiatives.

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Quality inspections

Are you having trouble with a running production? But no time or resources to visit the factory yourself? Send in one of our inspectors to help solve the issues directly on the factory floor.

Our inspectors go above and beyond a simple AQL 2.5 inspection. We really make your production and your products better.

How? We've set up a smooth & digital process. Our experts first study the techpacks, PO and style comments that you provide. After we'll synch with your team during a call. And you will receive a full report within 48 hours after the inspection, that is visible on your own digital dashboard.

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Design & branding

We're happy to help with your fashion design. Whether for apparel, accessories or shoes. Think about adding new trendy styles to your collection. Or getting some snappy graphics. Or overhauling your packaging design. Yes we can!

Did you ever consider if your digital presence is aiding or hindering your business? We see many factories with outdated, almost painful business websites. Which makes the ones with a strong set-up all the more appealing to new clients. Join the winners!

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Pattern making

We have currently 6 pattern makers in our network that help out with various pattern making tasks. Need help as well?

Good fits are crucial for building up long-lasting consumer relationships. No one likes garments that are uncomfortable. Also the topic of size-inclusivity becomes more and more important. But how do you make a good size 3XL?

Reduce complaints. Reduce returns. And improve customer loyalty. All in one go!

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Private label production

We produce "white label" collections for several clients. And did you know we also run our own sustainable fashion brand?

Our fully digital platform makes development a butter smooth experience. We will run the whole process for you. So you can focus on your passion: creating new collections and connecting to consumers.

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