Vegan Fashion - by Honest Factory

Get your fashion brand vegan certified. It's quick and affordable.

Animals are friends, not fashion. Show that you care about animal welfare and sustainability by getting our vegan fashion certification.

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Why vegan fashion by Honest Factory?

Show you care!

Vegans are a quickly growing demographic. Eating none or less animal products has become the new normal. Especially amongst Millenials and Gen-Z.

Vegan Fashion is the next step in this lifestyle. If you don't eat animals - of course you don't want to wear them.

We certify that your products and your supply chain are free of all animal products. So that your vegan customers can shop without hesitation.

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Thorough certification

Brands and factories need to go through multiple checks to receive the vegan certification. We're not making it too easy!

The checks consist of a short test, compliance of the entire supply chain, a statement of assurance by the brand and checks by our team.

And did we mention our full certification is open-source?

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Only 12 Euros per month, or 120 Euros when billed annually. That's a lot better than that other big certification!

Your compensation is directly reinvested in our platform. It helps us to hire developers that can make the process stronger & smoother.


Quick set-up

We've tested it: you can be done with our sign-up and verification process in 20 minutes.

We're currently finalizing the sign-up process, it will be fully live until end of October.

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Automated compliance

Imagine having to go to each of your factories with a paper form. And have them check, sign, scan and send it back to you...

Our process is fully automated. You just tell us which factories you're working with. We do the rest.

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Marketing boost

You get access to the eye-catching vegan logo. And you'll be added to our Vegan Brands database, which will help to boost your organic traffic.

We're working on a plugin for Shopify stores. Which will boost your marketing even further.


Why we're better than other vegan-certifications

Actually affordable

We're not charging small brands amounts they can't afford. Period.

A certification should be a boost for your customer relationships and revenue. Not an expensive liability. Our pricing keeps that in mind.

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Easy compliance

Our certification process is comprehensive and complete. Yet easy to handle, even if you hate filling in forms.

We take care of most of the work for you. No need to get written statements from all your factories. We take care, digitally and automated.

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No non-profit

Yes, we are a commercial organization. We really admire that other big non-profit that fights every day for animal welfare.

That is not us. We're a small team, and our single focus is to create a vegan certification that just works. For you. And for the end customer.

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