Encountered a zero-tolerance issue?

Please help us - and the entire fashion industry - by reporting any zero tolerance issue you may have encountered. Greenwashing, forced or child labour, unsafe working conditions and similar things are not acceptable in any supply chain!

No longer are you forced to look away, because your management doesn't want to compromise margins. No longer will the perpetrators get away, because they are operating in a far away country.

Our whistleblower program will help you to speak up against unethical or even criminal business practices. We are here to help. This is where we start.

Process Safety First

1) Make sure you're logged in! No worries, you will remain anonymous from the party you report, but we may need to contact you to verify your report.

2) Report what you've seen / heard / witnessed.

3) Please be as detailed as possible!

4) Each report is analyzed and verified by our dedicated team.

5) You will receive an update from us once we've gone through the report.

6) We take follow-up actions. This may vary from blacklisting factories, contacting local authorities or working with certification bodies or NGO's to take the necessary action to improve the situation.

7) We protect your identity at all times!

Things to report

Trust your instincts, if something doesn't feel right, most likely it isn't. Below some of the categories for which we mostly receive reports.

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Please take the necessary steps on your side to protect yourself. Safety first! Please use your common sense when planning or making a report. Be sure not to take any actions that might put yourself in danger or open you up to legal persecution (by the company you're reporting or by a government).

You will remain anonymous to the party you report, but not to us. We will protect your identity, but please also take steps to protect yourself.

If you are reporting something that happened within the company that you work for, then take extra care to protect your own identity. Don't use your company devices (laptop / mobile) and don't use your company email (we may reply!) to report the issues you've witnessed. Keep in mind that your IT-department and management have access to all your emails, messages and devices.

We are setting up a full-blown whistleblower program in the next 6-12 months (where you will stay fully anonymous, also from us, and where you can upload documents etc). If you want to report extra sensitive issues then please wait for us to set this up.