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Pilling standard for flat knit fabric

We discovered some pilling issues on a sample of a flat knit sweater for men. Made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester 12gg yarn. The factory sent a sample to a testing company, to get independent test results.

The report came back as a "pass" with pilling in the 2-3 standard. So it means that there is actually still a lot of pilling. But the garment has passed?

Isn't the correct standard for a pilling test 3-4 and not 2-3?

Answer #10

Pilling is unavoidable when an artificial fabric such as polyester is mixed with cotton . Since you have a mixture of 60% cotton and 40% polyester , pilling is inevitable.
The results i.e. 2-3 rating you got from the lab are acceptable for cotton- polyester mixed fabric . If you were using a fabric in which percentage of cotton was close to 100% then you could have expected a result of 3-4 rating.
Additionally, you can put disclaimer tag on the wrappers mentioning that the sweater is to be washed delicately i.e. handwash . Do not wash in washing machine .