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Holes in side seam ribbed t-shirts

We're receiving a lot of customer complaints for a t-shirt on a 5x2 ribbed fabric. Customers are complaining that there are holes around the side seam. Sometimes without wearing the product or latest after the first wash.

Do you have any idea what is causing this? And how can we avoid this in future production? Is it specific to the ribbed fabric, or more a workmanship issue?


Answer #7

This is caused because of the use of blunt needles during the sewing process. Blunt needles sometimes break the yarn of fabric, which gradually turns into a bigger hole. To avoid this we need to change needles twice a day and use ball point needles during the sewing process. We can definitely control this in future productions by asking the suppliers to follow the above guidelines. Also, this can happen in all knitted/light weight fabrics, hence it is a workmanship issue .