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Fabric issues on jeans


We've received a customer complaint for a jeans she's worn for some a few months. See the picture. Do you have any idea what happened here? We're not really sure, but of course it doesn't look nice.

The customer has worn the jeans for some months, as you can see by the fading also. The fabric is a mix of organic cotton, recycled polyester and elastane. She mentioned that she did use a clothing dryer, which we don't recommend for jeans usually.

What do you think and how to avoid this in the future?

Thanks :)

Answer #11

This is lycra yarn breakage. The area which is affected here sustains most tension when worn by a person, which sometimes results in the breakage of lycra. It may occur because of the use of not a very good quality of lycra yarn during production. Since without a lab test we can't identify this problem just after production, the only to do in order to avoid this in future is to ensure that the supplier or manufacturer is using a good quality yarn or do a lab test to ensure that the quality of fabric is good.