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Heavy shrinkage on men's t-shirts


We've been getting multiple customer complaints that our new delivery of white men's t-shirts is shrinking very much. Actually it is re-order of previous production, so it should be the same fabric, but there were no issues with the previous production. We're not sure what happened. But customers are saying that the t-shirts become 1 size smaller after the first wash.

What is the norm for shrinkage? And any idea on how to avoid this issue in the future?


Answer #9

Hey ,
After getting fabric from mill, one should do CPL ( cut pannel and laundry ) to minimise the shrinkage . After then make garment in the R&D department and check the shrinkage before and after wash . If one is getting some ± in measurement , then they should add or deduct the same in pattern and cut the bulk production accordingly. By this way we can minimise the shrinkage.