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Thick itchy seam in men's boxershorts


We have developed boxershorts for men. The seam in-between the legs, that connects the front and the back part of the boxershorts is very thick.

The seam is much thicker (about double) from our original sample. The fitting model is complaining that this seam is uncomfortable to wear. As he feels it while sitting down and especially while working. This area of men's body is of course very sensitive, so we cannot produce like this and risk customer complaints.

Is there a way to decrease the thickness of the seam? Or do you have any other ideas?

On pictures: top (thick) is the PPS we received, below the original sample. Thanks!

Answer #8

Seam thickness occurs because of overlapping of the fabric and it will not dissolve if you are using a heavier fabric , lets say around ~ 200 gsm . You can do one thing , shift the seam upwards in front and back by ~3 cm above crotch point by adding a patch in between to eliminate seam from the center . You can also use filament thread in flat lock (Looper) instead of normal thread to make it a bit more soft .