Yilmaz Kumascilik

Turkey - Fabrics & Trims (T2)

We are a fabric manufacturer that offers a combination of high-tech innovation together with craftsmanship. Established in 1992, we aim to progress with our leading dyeing and finishing facility in the region with a monthly production capacity of 2 million meters.

We cater to a wide range of customers with our rich product spectrum. Our production is shaped by advanced technology, flexible manufacturing practices and craftsmanship with great attention to human health and the environment.



Factory Overview
Factory Yilmaz Kumascilik
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Tier Fabrics & Trims (T2)
Operation Weaving
Product Category
People 100 workers
Capacity 2,000,000 mtr / month
Price Level $$$
Minimum Order Qty 1,000 pieces
Lead Time 70 days
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Contact Details
Contact details Yilmaz Kumascilik
Contact person
Email yilmazkumas@yilmazkumas.com.tr
Website http://www.yilmazkumas.com.tr/
Country Turkey