Tropic Knits

Mauritius - Finished Garments (T1)

We'll let you in on our secret: every Tropic garment is the result of a design driven-process. That's our secret recipe and every one of our 3,500 talents knows it.​ We have grown quality down to a science.

Reliable fashion should be accessible, and so we’ve made Tropic a one-stop shop for all your men's, ladies' and kids' knits needs. Our presence in Mauritius, Madagascar and India, allows us to deliver a holistic offer to the world's hottest brands. Today, Tropic produces 18 million garments and we can't wait to partner with you.

Do you feel special? We have a “D2C” (Design to customer) solution for you.



Factory Overview
Factory Tropic Knits
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Tier Finished Garments (T1)
Operation Knitting
Product Category
People 3,500 workers
Capacity 1,500,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$
Minimum Order Qty 500 pieces
Lead Time 120 days
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Country Mauritius