Simsek Ege Etiket

Turkey - Finished Garments (T1)

Using its 35 years’ experience of leather, woven, printing, packaging products, RFID, AM, RF and alarm tags Şimşek Ege is in a position to give unrivalled service to the textile and ready made garment industries. Şimşek Ege, using its ERP system through order processing, design, production, packing and quality management in an ISO9001:2015 environment, is focussed on fulfilling its customers’ needs and expectations.

The Company’s processes use conventional and digital offset printing, UV offset printing, screen printing, rotary and semi rotary letterpress printing and hot and cold embossing to produce a superlative product meeting world class standards of quality and service.



Factory Overview
Factory Simsek Ege Etiket
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Tier Finished Garments (T1)
Operation Manufacturing
Product Category
People 100 workers
Capacity 1,000,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$$
Minimum Order Qty 10,000 pieces
Lead Time 60 days
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Contact Details
Contact details Simsek Ege Etiket
Contact person
Telephone 0212 444 7 343
Country Turkey