Rota Tekstil

Turkey - Fabrics & Trims (T2)

Since 1997, ROTA TEXTILE has been a leading manufacturer and supplier in the fields of knitted fabric and yarn in Turkey.

Our company has now a manufacturing capacity of 450 tons of yarn, 400 tons of raw and dyed fabric per month with an indoor manufacturing site of 24,000 m2 located in an open area of 61,000 m2. It manufactures 100% cotton yarn in sizes from Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1. It also carries out pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing procedures at higher level of color fastness by means of the best quality colorants and chemicals of circular knitted fabrics in the form of tube and open end manufactured within the knitted fabric facility.



Factory Overview
Factory Rota Tekstil
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Tier Fabrics & Trims (T2)
Operation Knitting
Product Category
People 1,000 workers
Capacity 800,000 kg / month
Price Level $$
Minimum Order Qty 1,000 pieces
Lead Time 60 days
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Contact Details
Contact details Rota Tekstil
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Telephone +90 422 237 54 46
Country Turkey