Özer Etiket

Turkey - Fabrics & Trims (T2)

Thanks to the offered quality in the production of printed labels, Özer Etiket was demanded to produce other label types by its customers. In line with the demand driven investments Özer Etiket now has a significant production capacity and a considerable domestic market share in the production of hangtags, seal tags, woven, printed, rubber and leather labels.

As Özer Etiket, we have been aware of the importance of customer satisfaction since the very first day of our establishment. In this context, we attach great importance to our design capability, price/quality performance, delivery speed and most importantly our communication ability. We are also proud of complying with all ethical work and environmental protection principles, being aware of our responsibility to the world as well as customer satisfaction since the day we were founded. Our sensitive approach in question has been also certified by ISO, Global Recyled Standard, Oeko-Tex and FSC.



Factory Overview
Factory Özer Etiket
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Tier Fabrics & Trims (T2)
Operation Weaving
Product Category
People 50 workers
Capacity 500,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$$
Minimum Order Qty 5,000 pieces
Lead Time 60 days
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Contact Details
Contact details Özer Etiket
Contact person Ayla Erdoğan Uğuz
Email sales@ozeretiket.com.tr
Telephone + 90 (0212) 677 66 96
Website https://www.ozeretiket.com.tr/
Country Turkey