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Key Facts
Key facts
Factory Ningbo Vane
Country China
Production time January 2023 - now
Material 70% organic cotton / 30% recycled cotton
Certification OCS + GRS + 3rd party audits
Inspected by Ningbo Detail Inspection Service Co.
Nr. of inspections 2+
Production in pictures

From yarn to final product. From the Far East to Germany. See below the steps it took to make the products you're wearing. Click through all the photos to get a good impression of the production process and the working conditions at Ningbo Vane.


"We want to build a long-lasting relationship with Honest Basics, based on our shared interest in making the fashion industry more sustainable."

Name Alan Shi
Company Ningbo Vane
Role Managing Director

Alan started working in fashion in his early 20's and has not looked back. He's the owner and manager of Ningbo Vane and has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the US. During his travels, before lock-downs made travels impossible, he's seen the increasing demand of customers everywhere for sustainable products and he's slowly started to adjust his business to match the values of the brands he works with and their customers. His team is dedicated, communicative and extremely professional. They make the impossible possible!! For example by helping us to become more sustainable through starting to work with recycled cotton on a large scale.