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Factory overview
Factory Kishor Exports
Rating 0.0 (0)
Operation Manufacturing
Product Category
People 1,000 workers
Tier Tier 1
Capacity 50,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$
Minimum Order Qty 500 pieces
Lead Time 240 days

Kishor Exports has been blacklisted, based on reports we have received and verified. Summary of the issues that have been reported

  • Extreme delays on production (2 months and more)
  • Alleged fraud around sustainability (certifications not order, deliberately obstructing certification process, not following certification rules).
  • Challenging communication. Untruthful, long delays with answering, ignoring communication, "forgetting" old communication.
  • Unconstructive attitude towards solving large production issues.

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Contact details Kishor Exports
Contact person Deepak Agahrwal
Country India