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India - Finished Garments (T1)

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Factory Overview
Factory Kishor Exports
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Tier Finished Garments (T1)
Operation Manufacturing
Product Category
People 1,000 workers
Capacity 50,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$
Minimum Order Qty 500 pieces
Lead Time 240 days
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Update January 2024: after discussions with the management of Kishor Exports, we have decided to maintain the black listing. No proof of an improvement at Kishor Exports has been provided. Communication remains troublesome and a general combative, rather than solution-oriented, attitude by management seems to remain firmly in place.

Furthermore, with regards to the missing / incorrect sustainability certifications, Kishor Exports has failed to provide any clarification. Without a clear response from Kishor Exports, our decision can only be based on the reports that we have received from an independent testing agency and historic communication from Kishor Exports management as to the sustainable characteristics of the products they sold. The reports and the missing certifications clearly contradict the statements from the Kishor Exports team, hence our conclusion remains that Kishor Exports has sold and exported products with incorrect sustainability claims, either knowingly or through negligence.

Kishor Exports has been blacklisted, based on reports we have received and verified. Summary of the issues that have been reported:

  • Extreme delays on production (2 months and more)
  • Alleged fraud around sustainability (certifications not order, deliberately obstructing certification process, not following certification rules).
  • Challenging communication. Untruthful, long delays with answering, ignoring communication, "forgetting" old communication.
  • Unconstructive attitude towards solving large production issues.

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Contact Details
Contact details Kishor Exports
Contact person Deepak Agahrwal
Country India