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Hey! Thanks for buying Honest Basics and checking out how we made this product. We take great care to make our products in a sustainable way. Transparency about the production location, process and working conditions is a critical first step for us.

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Key Facts
Key facts
Factory Kansin Group
Country India
Production time May - September 2021
Material 60% organic cotton / 40% recycled polyester
Certification Material transaction certifications + multiple inspections
Inspected by Ajay Verma - Quality Manager Honest Basics
Nr. of inspections 10+
Production in pictures

From yarn to final product. From India to Germany. See below the steps it took to make the products you're wearing. Click through all the photos to get a good impression of the production process. And the working conditions at Kansin Group. All pictures were made by Ajay during his inspections.



"Every day I strive to bring the best quality mindset to the factory floor. So we can make great products that people love to wear."

Ajay Verma Honest Basics Quality Manager India
Name Ajay Verma
Company Honest Basics
Role Quality Manager India

Ajay brings 25+ years of fashion industry experience to Honest Basics. He is a critical part of our production process. His insights and inspections help us to raise our quality levels. A long-lasting basic is a sustainable one! While at the same time he helps us to build up a strong local presence and durable partnerships with our suppliers. He visited Kansin Group almost on a daily basis while the knits were in production.



"Every step that we take to more sustainability is going to better our lives and the future of this planet. This is why we aim to become more sustainable each day."

Name Gobind Singh Pahwa
Company Kansin Group
Role Managing Director

Gobind is a 2nd generation Indian fashion entrepreneur. He is part of the rising movement amongst Indian millenials that are actively trying to make the fashion industry more sustainable. His family factory has been in business for over 30 years. And some of their employees have been with them for just as long. During the COVID-pandemic the Kansin management team reacted by guaranteeing the livelihoods of their workers and buying vaccines for all as soon as they were available.