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Factory overview
Factory Gonser Denim Revolution
Rating 0.0 (0)
Operation None
Product Category
People 0 workers
Tier Tier 1
Capacity 0 pcs / month
Price Level $
Minimum Order Qty 0 pieces
Lead Time 180 days

We see a future where the focus on the quality of our services and the sustainable technologies we use can give new life to the textile industry, and help protect the environment from waste. Innovation is one of the strengths of our strategy and leads us into change, with awareness and the responsible use of every single resource we employ in our work. Being part of Gonser Group means sharing these values and applying them daily to the activities we carry out, ensuring high health and safety standards in the workplace.

Contact details Gonser Denim Revolution
Contact person Youssef HAJER
Email info@gonser-group.com
Telephone +216 29 577597
Website http://www.gonser-group.com/
Country Tunisia