Desma Textile

Turkey - Finished Garments (T1)

Desma Textile, who is one of the partners of Emtaş Textile & Texprod Textile, based in Izmir since 2015 who has been continuing to produce high-quality knitted fabric and combed garment processing by high technical machine parkour lines with qualified employees in their factory for world brands.

Desma, Emtaş and Texprod are leading companies in the ready-made garment production sector with its more then 500 employees in a 10.000 square meter production area. We have a daily production capacity of 20.000 products per day. We are the solution partners of the most distinguished brands.



Factory Overview
Factory Desma Textile
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Tier Finished Garments (T1)
Operation Manufacturing
Product Category
People 500 workers
Capacity 450,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$$
Minimum Order Qty 500 pieces
Lead Time 70 days
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Contact Details
Contact details Desma Textile
Contact person İshak Baş
Country Turkey