Mauritius - Fabrics & Trims (T2)

At CDL, we cherish durability. Today, our Mauritius based facility is a world reference to deliver fabrics using recycled raw materials through sustainable processes. From Day 1, we’ve invested our energy to develop specialty cotton and blended fabrics with tremendous finishes and hand-feel.

Looking for a timeless jersey fabric ? Or hunting for a hand-made all over print? We’ll do it! Agility? YES. Boredom? NEVER!

Our 500 talents bring passion to deliver yearly 3,700T of fabric to demanding manufacturers worldwide including Tropic, our sister company.



Factory Overview
Factory CDL
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Tier Fabrics & Trims (T2)
Operation Knitting
Product Category
People 500 workers
Capacity 300,000 kg / month
Price Level $$
Minimum Order Qty 1,000 pieces
Lead Time 60 days
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Country Mauritius