Aykaya Plastik

Turkey - Extra Resources (T4)

Our company, which started its activities in the textile field as a private company under the name of Ayfer Karakoyunlu on the MTK site in 2005, has shown and proved its presence in the health, industry, and food sectors over the years.

Considering establishing quality and trust-oriented human relations as its primary goal, our firm decided to go to a new formation under the name “AYKAYA Plastik" in 2019. Aiming to act with the awareness of nature and the environment, Aykaya Plastik has set out with the aim of using the knowledge and experience gained over the years in the packaging industry and is on its way to becoming a dynamic and innovative company by closely following the innovations in the packaging industry in our country and the world. Having proven its success and existence in many sectors since 2005, our firm was established as Aykaya Plastik in order to bring fresh air to the packaging sector.



Factory Overview
Factory Aykaya Plastik
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Tier Extra Resources (T4)
Operation Manufacturing
Product Category
People 100 workers
Capacity 1,000,000 pcs / month
Price Level $$$
Minimum Order Qty 5,000 pieces
Lead Time 60 days
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Contact Details
Contact details Aykaya Plastik
Contact person Kürşat Karakoyunlu
Email info@aykayaplastik.com
Website https://aykayaplastik.com/
Country Turkey