Turkey - Fabrics & Trims (T2)

Almodo was established in 1995 as a fabric producer continuing an old family tradition in textile which goes back to 6 generations. The company is well-known worldwide for its luxurious fabrics and exports 90% of its production to more than 60 countries all across the world.

Using the most advanced textile technology, carefully selected raw materials and supported by a team of experts, Almodo is involved in the entire production from design & development to the final finishing.

The production in our factory includes spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing technologies with a capacity more than 20 million meter / year. Almodo focuses on fast response for all of its customers to remain flexible in solutions.



Factory Overview
Factory Almodo
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Tier Fabrics & Trims (T2)
Operation Weaving
Product Category
People 100 workers
Capacity 1,500,000 mtr / month
Price Level $$$
Minimum Order Qty 1,000 pieces
Lead Time 60 days
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Country Turkey