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Factory overview
Factory Akin Tekstil
Rating 0.0 (0)
Operation None
Product Category
People 0 workers
Tier Tier 2
Capacity 0 pcs / month
Price Level $
Minimum Order Qty 0 pieces
Lead Time 180 days

Established in 1956, Akın Tekstil pioneers high caliber fabric manufacturing for the fashion industry. Renowned for our fast service, reliable pricing, friendly approach and ethical codes our fabrics are used on all continents by leading worldwide brands. Akın Tekstil refunds textile education and R&D, we have constructed several High Schools and donated them to Ministry of Education of the State and cooperate with many universities and students to research new technologies, fibers and finishes.

Contact details Akin Tekstil
Contact person Cansu Akyurek
Email sales@akintekstil.com.tr
Website https://www.akintekstil.com.tr/
Country Turkey