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Factory overview
Factory 6Dias
Rating 0.0 (0)
Operation None
Product Category
People 0 workers
Tier Tier 2
Capacity 0 pcs / month
Price Level $
Minimum Order Qty 0 pieces
Lead Time 180 days

6DIAS is a trading company extremely motivated and focused on customers. We help our customers achieve their results, providing solutions and quality service, speed and support. 6Dias was founded in 2006 by Carlos Dias, continuing the family work from the past four decades of experience and knowledge in the textile area. The constant following of trends, markets and innovation allows us to produce and trade differentiating products, such as main fabrics, Printings, Weaving, Jacquard, Embroidery.

Contact details 6Dias
Contact person Carla Borges
Email carla.borges@6dias.pt
Website http://www.6dias.pt
Country Portugal