Honest Factory

Welcome to the next phase of transparency.

We want to make the fashion industry as transparent as possible, by listing every single fashion factory in our database. And letting you rate their experiences with them.

Together we can make the fashion industry a better place to work. For all of us.

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Hello factories!

You've worked hard on getting your factory ready for the 21st century. Your sustainability is top-notch. You deliver good quality products. You're delivering on time. Your existing clients love you.

But how do you grow your business? How do new customers find you? And how can you convince them that you've earned your good reputation?

That's where we come in!

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Are you a fashion professional?

We've all been there: you're looking for a new factory. To launch an exciting new project. But where to start your search? And once you've found a factory, how can you be sure that the factory is really as reliable as they claim to be?

Our platform pushes transparency to the next level. Join our large network of fashion professionals. Together we can make the fashion industry a better place to work. For all of us!

Your review help factories, and thus the industry, to improve. Factories with bad performance will get useful feedback to help them improve. And you can reward your strong partners with a good review. It will validate their efforts and help them to get new business. Everybody wins!

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Transparency is not just a marketing buzz-word or a target for your compliance policy. It is a crucial aspect that we must achieve together.

The consumer of the 21st century demands it. And we want to leave the world - and thus the fashion industry in a better shape than how we received it.

We owe it to the most vulnerable people in the supply chain: the workers. Too often factory management gets away with major transgressions. Even if Brand A finds out about the situation, the factory can just start working with Brand B and continue without being held accountable for their behavior. No longer!